Tuesday, 3 July 2012

lomo lovers and summer plans

There's a small promotional feature on the Double Dip at the back of lomo lovers vol 11.  There's also one or two of my polaroid shots featured in there (not that I really ever fell in love with polaroids, I was a bit late to that party).

If you haven't seen lomo lovers it's a great monthly online magazine dedicated to all things film.  You can view it below...

We're working on a Double Dip giveway for the vol 12, the 1st Birthday Special Issue.

I'm taking July off and will be back again with another batch sometime in August (got to move house inbetween).

If you've got a Double Dip, happy shooting!  Remember it loves bright days and the viewfinder underestimates by a surprisingly large amount.  If you don't, watch out for batch #4 in August.

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