Thursday, 12 July 2012

Viewfinder guide

It's all gone a little quiet on the Double Dip front, as I am in the middle of a house move.  Meanwhile I thought I'd post this guide to the DD viewfinder.

It's not uncommon for toy camera viewfinders to underestimate the field of view - the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim was definitely guilty of this.  But the Double Dip takes a bit of getting used to.  The viewfinder view is quite 'zoomed in' but the lens is roughly 35mm, so you get quite a lot more on film than you see through the viewfinder.  Here are some examples, the centre area is very roughly what I saw through the finder.

This can make for some interesting compositions - see Karl Lagerfeld in the picture below (I can't remember seeing him at all whilst I was taking this).  It means you'll always capture what's in front of you, sometimes a bit more than you wanted, but sometimes capturing something great by accident.

I'm tending to think of the finder view as the centre rectangle in a grid of 3x3, that's helping me get to grips with the quirky nature of the DD viewfinder...

Am looking forward to seeing what people come up with - if you've shot any Double Dip rolls then don't forget to upload them to the DD flickr pool.

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